Forest City


206 N. HWY 69
Forest City, Iowa 50436
Phone: 641-585-1776
Fax: 641-585-1777


Store Hours

Monday through Friday: 6:30 am–4:00 pm
Saturday: 6:30 am–2:00 pm
Closed Sunday

Drive-Thru Available!

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Our Story

     In 2008 Doug and Kristi Feldman set out to open a business to benefit north Iowa.  After looking into  multiple franchise opportunities, they gratefully decided on Cabin Coffee.  After an unfavorable few years of loss, (losing both of Doug’s parents to cancer), Doug and Kristi were blessed with the start-up costs  needed to open our business.  The decision for the location of Forest City came next; knowing there were 1000 club card members already in the corporate database with a Forest City address, lead Doug and Kristi to where they are today.  Doug and Kristi did not only set up “shop” in Forest City on October 13th, 2008; but we also moved their family of four to the community.  Their children, Liberty and Vinton, love the business as much as they do (I mean, who wouldn’t love endless Twisters, #3 and #5’s and chocolate milk?) Kristi comes from a third generation bloodline of business owners and always has had a passion for Customer Service.  Her background is in training/education and in a sense every day she still educates both employees and customers.  Doug works full time for 3M (also in Forest City); even though he holds that position, he’s also the handyman and Kristi’s #1 supporter in all things. Doug and Kristi love their community and try to support all that they believe in.  Some of their involvement in the community would be in their partnership with the Forest City YMCA, educating and speaking to MS and HS business classes, slinging frappes at Post Prom and proudly roasting/brewing coffee for Waldorf University. Not only is Cabin Coffee Doug and Kristi's business, but it’s also their life! "We pride ourselves in supporting new franchise owners and have formed so many relationships in doing so.  The other store owners are not just friends but family!"  "We are proud to say (to date) that we have visited EVERY Cabin Coffee, except La Crosse North! What an adventure it’s been." "We personally praise God, the Barber’s and Doug’s parents every day for this opportunity."

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