Our Story

Just be Happy...and Have Fun!-Our Slogan:

Angie was working for Helzberg Diamonds in Des Moines, Iowa when she started dating Brad. One day a customer came into the store and returned a large diamond ring which could have potentially prevented Angie from reaching her goal of being in the top 25 sales associates for the year.  Angie called Brad to share her concern. Brad told Angie "Just be Happy...and Have fun!"  The statement impacted Angie so much, she took a blank puzzle that she had on hand and wrote the words “Just be happy…and have fun” with sayings of “love you” and red hearts painted on the puzzle. Angie packaged the puzzle and sent it to Brad.

Just be happy... and Have funWhen Brad received the puzzle, he put it together and read what it said. Brad called Angie and thanked her for the puzzle. He said that he was going to hang the puzzle on his wall behind his desk. That way everyone in the office would read it and think about the statement. Brad hoped that every person who read the statement would have a brighter day. Angie was a bit embarrassed but Brad reassured her "someday we will have that on t-shirts". What a way to put anyone in a good mood! Angie did end up making it in the top 25 of 1200 sales associates!

The idea:

Having a love for the Clear Lake community and knowing that Brad's career path may likely take them out of state, Brad and Angie dreamed of creating roots in Clear Lake, Iowa by opening a business.  While visiting Des Moines, Iowa one Sunday summer morning in 2001 Brad, Angie, and their daughter Abbie stopped in a Bruegger's Bagel.  On their way home with bagels, coffee (for Angie), and Dr. Pepper(for Brad),

Angie said "I wish there was a place in Clear Lake to get a bagel".

Brad agreed.

The two-hour drive from Des Moines, Iowa to Clear Lake, Iowa they spent coming up with design ideas and a basic plan for the business.  They first discussed the decor; both Brad and Angie loved the look of log homes so it just made sense for the main theme of the coffee shop to be a warm and cozy environment like a log home.

Angie said, "We have always wanted a log home and the business will be our second home so we just might as well have a cabin theme!"

Abbie(5 years old at the time) suggest the name of Cabin Coffee Company. Arriving in Clear Lake they drove around looking for a location.  They ended up downtown during the Art in the Park, where some vendors had a display of western photographs.  It reminded Angie of a picture that she had pulled out of a log home magazine.  It was saddles on bar stools. Brad and Angie felt that this was the fun and unexpected twist they needed! And Cabin Coffee company was born

Franchise Information

Brad and Angie generated a business plan within a month and submitted their plan to several lending companies.  The same day Brad and Angie were approved for their business loan Brad was laid off from his job.  Since they were counting on Brad's income they decided that the Cabin Coffee Company dream would need to be put on hold. Brad began doing consulting work for the development of an ethanol plant.  The income from the consulting positioned Brad and Angie to better fund their Cabin Coffee business and allowed them the time to more fully develop the business plan.  It was a little over a year later with a better location that Cabin Coffee Company opened for business on December 6th, 2002!



Our Mission:
Cabin Coffee Company is committed to our mission: "Creating and sustaining a warm and inviting environment while providing the highest quality products and service"
We are dedicated to creating a warm and inviting environment for both customers and our team members.  We value every team members' individuality and personality, and believe that empowering our team members will ensure the best service for every customer.

The sustaining element of our business goes beyond our exterior and interior decor and the products we sell. Our focus is on creating a company culture that exceeds customer expectations, provides the highest-quality products, and creates an atmosphere that evokes a warm and welcoming feeling while inviting our customers to relax and enjoy their favorite beverage.