391 Main Street North
Chatfield, MN 55923

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Monday-Friday: 6:00 am-4:00 pm

Saturday: 7:00 am-2:00 pm

Sunday: 8:00 am-2:00 pm

Drive-Thru Available!

Meeting room available-seats up to 20. Call for availability.

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Our Story

As Alicia Hinckley’s three children began school full-time, she started considering the possibility of owning and operating her own business.  She had shared in the responsibility of running their Chatfield dairy and trucking family farming operation with her husband, Matt, for many years, and was looking for an exciting new challenge that would involve working with people in her hometown.  She was a frequent visitor to the St. Charles Cabin Coffee, and absolutely loved the atmosphere, friendly service, and most importantly the quality and uniqueness of the coffee and product.  She decided a Cabin Coffee Company might be a good fit for her hometown of Chatfield.  She met with Cabin Coffee Franchise owners Brad and Angie Barber, as well as the St. Charles Cabin Coffee owners, and became convinced this was the right time to pursue her dream.  As she began the new business process, Alicia decided she wanted to share in the venture with a partner, and approached EB Allen in summer of 2014 with her idea of opening a Cabin Coffee Company in Chatfield. EB was immediately interested.  She had known Alicia through their kid’s mutual activities, and knew they would work well together.  EB had mentioned to her husband many times the need for a coffee shop in Chatfield.  She had also considered opening her own business to utilize her 15 years experience in business and customer service since she moved to Chatfield 5 years ago. It seemed like the right time and opportunity for EB, her husband, and four daughters.

From the summer of 2014 to the summer of 2015, Alicia and EB worked through the many steps associated with building a new business in Chatfield. They realized in the process of creating their business plan that the traffic count, town dynamics, and location were all well suited for a Cabin Coffee Company in Chatfield. They secured the lot, on the main road in Chatfield, conveniently located on the edge of town and across from the high school and sporting events, and broke ground in June of 2015. The brand new building will offer a meeting room, outdoor seating overlooking the bluff and creek, free wi-fi, a cozy inside seating area, and the quality fresh products associated with the Cabin Coffee name. Alicia and EB would like to thank the Cabin Coffee franchise, the town of Chatfield and its residents, Root River State Ban, G Cubed, and their family and friends for their efforts and support to make this dream a reality. 

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