44A Town Square
Blairsville, Georgia 30512
Phone:  (706) 745-0073
Fax: (706) 745-0041

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 2869
Blairsville, Georgia 30514

Store Hours

Monday- Saturday 7:00am to 4:30pm
Sundays closed

Meeting room available! Please call for availability.

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Our Story

Blairsville, Georgia

Wayne and Judy Jolley, owners of Cabin Coffee Blairsville!

Wayne and Judy Jolley fell in love with the mountains of North Georgia several years ago, and began making frequent trips to the area.  They moved from Ohio to the Atlanta area in 2009, and by 2012 they had bought a weekend cabin in Blairsville.  As they both passed the thirty year mark in their careers, they started to think seriously about the next chapter of their lives. 

Wayne has an entrepreneurial spirit and has dreamt of owning his own business for many years.  Judy grew up working in restaurants and has long had the idea in the back of her head that she would love to serve the community in a local coffee shop atmosphere.   With those ideas floating around, Judy & Wayne went to visit Judy’s mom in Clear Lake, Iowa.  A visit to Clear Lake always includes a stop at Cabin Coffee, and this time around Judy said, “Maybe we should sit down and talk to the owners…”   From that first meeting, Wayne & Judy caught the Cabin Coffee fever, and “the rest is history”. 

When the search for the Blairsville location of Cabin Coffee began, Wayne and Judy made a conscious decision to forego the busy highway area in favor of the downtown square, with the goal of creating a warm, comfortable place for the community to gather, enjoying great conversation, coffee and food.  Whether by serendipity or something more, the perfect location soon became available.  The “Old Chevron” station, built and owned by the Candler family, has history & character perfectly suited for the Jolley’s new business.  As Wayne grew up in the automobile parts and repair business, the service station building brings his career full circle and is the perfect place for that “next chapter” in their lives.

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